The Dinan School recognizes its range students with special awards & recognition. Each of the awards are based on obtaining specific scores for particular outdoor shooting events. The following table lists the awards/events, along with the scores used for attaining those awards:

Awards/Events % of Maximum Score needed Score Needed
250 Guard Combat 99 % 248
300 Qualification Combat 97 % 290
300 Bullseye 95 % 285
600 Precision Combat 95 % 570
1800 Combat Aggregate 97 % 1746
1800 Bullseye / Combat Aggregate 95 % 1710

The certificates for these awards show the actual scores obtained, and are issued at the conclusion of the shooting event calendar year to students earning an award in that year. New and updated awards are issued at the conclusion of each event season, and are presented to students who have been active, in one capacity or another over the previous 12-month period, and who have attained a qualifying score.

Sample Award for the 1800 Bullseye / Combat Aggregate: