Classroom designed for developing success

The Classroom walls are a
gold mine of information.

The break room affords coffee, donuts, and shooting history.

Many a successful "gun" has sat across from Jim in his office.

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James Dinan
a 2600 shooter

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?Instructors: Frank Punzi, Jim Dinan &?Charles Voboril (l to r) - with Range Truck
"Aim To Train"

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Tom Vasilakos shoots his 595/600 Score

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James Dinan teaching marksmanship

Three of the School's Top Guns.
Bill Vogel, Bob Waisane, and Jim Dinan. Friendships forged in competition, mutual respect and the love of the game.

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Phil Melchiorre 1715/1800 575/600 Combat with Jim Dinan

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Students at 25-yard line of combat course

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Jim LoDuca scoring on 5/6/02

Steve Sherman job well done with his 300/300

joe_cioffi.jpg (143170 bytes)

Joe Cioffi's Score of 585/600, 25 & 50 yards

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Steve Moss's Score of 296/300


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David Rivera's Score of 591/600 with Instructor Steve Hodulick


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Tom Vasilakos, Bullseye - 25 yard Slow Fire 100 (9x), Final Score 297/300 - 8/26/02

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Laura Bohn being presented her awards

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Ray Marcheschi's Score of 248/250

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Students at the 25-yard combat course 6/24/02

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Steve Hodulick, Score of 300/300 possible, 25 & 50 yrds

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Chief Instructor Roy Bergman & Jim Dinan at Allentown PA Police Instructor Course 2005

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Eric M,., Jim D., Scott B., Paul B. at Allentown P.D. for Police Pistol / Shotgun Instructor Certification 2005

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James D. #11, Scott B. #12, Head Shots - All others Torso shot in Allentown PA

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SWAT Team Members Scott & Floyd.? Police Pistol / Shotgun Instructor Training 2005

Superman (Scott) returns for
the 2007 season

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A rewarding day for Paul Barbato - 8/27/07
1770/1800 - High Grand Agg.
891/900 - High Combat Agg.
591/600 - High Combat 600
879/900 - High Bullseye Agg.
294/300 - High Bullseye
300/300 - "300 Combat Club"

Jim-n-Scot05.jpg (80720 bytes)

Scott 584/600 Combat, 1763 Combat Aggregate from 25 & 50 yrds 9/26/05

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Scott Burbach, 300/300 Combat, 25 yrds 9/26/05

Steve05.jpg (64979 bytes)

Steve Hodulick, 590/600 Combat, 1767 Combat Aggregate Winner 9/26/05

Paul05c.jpg (68129 bytes)

Paul Barbato, 591/600 Combat from 25 & 50 yrds 8/27/07

Barbato_296.jpg (427978 bytes)

Paul's 296/300, High Bullseye 6/26/06

scot-Steve-Paul-Joe05.jpg (56194 bytes)

Scott (300), Steve (300), Paul (300), Joe (300)
1200 Perfect 4 man Team - 9/26/05 - from 25 yrds

Dennis demonstrates his S&W Model 52 skills with a 100 point bullseye target, on his way to a 291/300 on 8/28/2010

Joe shows highest 586/600 score at 25 & 50 yds

How to find the X ring?
Hand the firearm to Jim.

Scott has a perfect start on his way to his 25 & 50 yd scores of 590/600 and a 1771/1800 agg. on 10/11/2010

5-01-105.jpg (115895 bytes)

Jim approves Scott Burbach's 586/600 50 yd. Combat Course Target on May 1, 2006

Dennis' 100-9X for a total of 296/300 in a Bullseye (one handed) 25 and 15 yard (10sec.) course

Joe's trip up from Georgia paid off in Xs

Scott's finishing up his 591/600 Combat Course
for an overall 1775/1800 aggregate.

Rich closes his 528/600 Combat Course
with a match aggregate increase of 151 to 1624/1800

John engaging his 25 Yard Combat target with his Glock 17

Kurt rocks a 149/150
on the 7yd leg of the 600 Precision Combat Course.

Kevin has "tactfully" ruined the center of his target on his way to a 567/600 Precision Combat Course.

Neil finishing the course powerfully with a admirable
97/100 7X in the Rapid Fire leg at the Bullseye Classic II

A 141 point approvement brings Kurt to a personal total agg high of 1651/1800.
Application of the Fundamentals bears rich rewards.


Jonathan's 98-7X on his rapid fire leg attributing to his high bullseye course of the day: 283

Joe on his way to his 579/600 Precision Combat Course.

Kevin's applying his trade craft with his Glock to achieve this 98-7X. His efforts won him a Second Place trophy.

Neil makes quick work of the 7 yard course with 14X and a 10. Applying the fundamentals consistently achieves these results.

Phil getting back in the groove with 150-12x on 7 yd. leg of his
Combat 600

Ben holding his August's Bullseye/Combat Classic II shoot trophy. The return of hard work: High Grand Aggregate, 1709/1800; High 600, 576/600

Ben improves his bullseye score to 289 in 2015

Nicholas improves his bullseye score to 292 in 2015

A family that shoots together, stays together.
Ben, YC, Nick Eng
1745/1800, 1690/1800, 1704/1800

Enjoying a good laugh and an almost perfect target. It must be a "cover up".

Steve with a 100-8x on the first target of the day. The 25 yd Slow Fire leg of the Bulleye course.