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(631) 277-1760

Pistol training that meets all NRA requirements.

We hold annual shooting competition events.

Are Pistol Champions Supermen?


The struggling new comer to the pistol game often wishes he could sit down and talk to the champion and find out what makes him click. I know, I used to be a struggling pistol man and later - much later - a champion. I first asked lots a questions and later answered many.

The hand gunner wonders if he practices too little or too much; if his stance, trigger squeeze, and his sight picture are proper. He wonders if his guns, ammo, and his equipment are all they should be. For answers he looks to a champion if he has a headliner handy then he is lucky but most ambitious neophytes have no topflight and regrettably no one to whom they may turn for advice.

If this situation fits you, try Jim Dinan whose shooting credentials are by far, in excess of any NRA certified master training counselor in the Nassau/Suffolk Long Island, New York metropolitan area.