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Pistol training that meets all NRA requirements.

We hold annual shooting competition events.

Bullseye Target Training


It’s difficult to conceive of a method of teaching combat shooting without some basic training on the bulleyes target. The accuracy of fire that may someday be the difference between life and death should be a basic requirement before any speed of fire is attempted. It’s ridiculous to move into any type of combat shooting until the shooter has learned the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting and unless these fundamentals are learned in the first instance they may never be acquired.

Learn to shoot a portion of the course of fire that determines who will be the NATIONAL BULLSEYE PISTOL CHAMPION. Held at Camp Perry Ohio each year. The type of shooting most modern speed shooters call boring. The real reason is ‘too difficult’ for them. The national match course basically one handed standing 50 to 25 yards, is the difficult fact.

After you have learned the fundamentals in the classroom (3hours) we cut the difficulty factor in half when you learn to fire the army “L” course basically one handed standing, 25+15 yards. This course adopted by the James Dinan School is fired at our training and competition shoots held on scheduled dates at Town of Islip rifle and pistol range, Islip, Suffolk County, New York. Bullseye shooting is the tough medicine necessary to excel at combats shooting from 7 yards hip level to 50 yards. Standing and prone.