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Pistol training that meets all NRA requirements.

We hold annual shooting competition events.

Combat Classic



The Combat Classic is a full-day event usually held four times each year. It consists of two distinct forms of shooting competition.In the morning we shoot three 300 Combat courses and in the afternoon three 600 Precision Combat course. The two highest 300-point courses and two highest 600-point courses are combined in creating an 1800 point score for the day, which is used for both, event trophies and overall placement in the cumulative student rankings.The event itself serves as the range portion of any NRA course for pistol certification.


Course of Fire            Attempts          Count            Round Required          Point Values

Zeroing                         1                        No                    approx. 20                         0

Combat 300                 3                        2                         180                                600

Combat 600                 3                        2                         180                                1200


Totals                                                                            approx. 400                      1800