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(631) 277-1760

Pistol training that meets all NRA requirements.

We hold annual shooting competition events.

How to Choose Your Instructor


Credentials - How important are they? Very Important, but they are only the FIRST stage to acquire the LEGAL right to instruct in firearms with the NRA and most other agencies. Even though one may have the legal right to instruct, they may, or may not, have the non-mandated ability to convey their “classroom-only” attained knowledge to another.

Instruction Ability - This second stage of instructorship is where vast amounts of experience begin to help. After years of instructing, you learn not only how to spot a student’s weakness, but also how to correct this weakness. To point out a weakness and be unable to correct it, is not only “just half the Job completed” but also very discouraging for the student.

Shooting Ability - How does an instructor complete the cycle of becoming a master instructor? He does it by perfecting the third stage of instructorship. The ability to perform to their own standard of instructional technique. The ability to “Practice what they Preach” to have “Been there done that” is imperative! They must have put their own “Feet to the Fire” by attending hundreds of shooting matches over a 60 plus year period and becoming a champion at many of them, as Jim Dinan has done.

Those that can, do.
Those that can’t do, teach
Does NOT hold true for Firearm Instructors
Those that can, do
Those that can’t do should never teach

If you wish to be a recipient of this superior form of instructorship, then give Jim a call at 631-277-1760, where all the forementioned technique is practiced at The James Dinan School of Advanced Pistol Marksmanship, Located in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County, Long Island New York.